Applet 2.4 : Inverse of Matrix

For a m x m matrix A, consider the augmented matrix P := [ A | Im ], where Im is the m x m identity matrix. We apply elementary row operations to P so that A is begin to reduce to Row Echelon Form . Let this change P to = [ | B ]. If = Im , then A is invertible and B = . The following applet helps you to check for matrix A.


  • Select your choice of entries to be represented as fraction or decimal.
  • Select the order of the matrix and click OK button. This will display a matrix of  your  choice.  You can change the entries of the matrix.
  • Click on the button Display the matrix [ A | Im ].
  • You can perform elementary row operations. The display panel will show the previous  step  and last step.
  • Your aim is to bring A to reduced Row Echelon Form for inevitability of A.

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