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Math Masti book 1
Matchstick puzzles are puzzles in which you arrange a set of matchsticks in a pattern or shape and are required to move one or more matchsticks to form a new pattern. Matchstick puzzles originated after matches were invented by the British chemist, John Walker, in 1827. They are a fun mental challenge for kids of all ages. These puzzles help develop logical, spatial and lateral thinking.

Price : 7777

Math Masti Book 2
T- puzzles and Tangram puzzles are tiling games in which a number of flat shapes have to be assembled into a larger given shape without overlaps. Besides being an entertaining diversion for a few minutes, these games have educational benefits. These games consist of physical objects that children can use to experiment with geometric concepts. Flipping pieces and moving them around gives learners real experience with the properties of the shapes. Manipulating pieces stimulates the visual-spatial powers of the mind Lots of mathematical concepts are explored through the play with these games: congruency, symmetry, area, perimeter, and geometric shapes. These are not just for small children!

Price : 4000

Book Name : Lilavati the Mathematical Treatise (DVD)
The ballet LILAVATI is based on the 12th Century Mathematical treatise by the India astronomer Bhaskaracharya. The ballet consists of 13 shlokas enacted in the traditional Oddisi style of Indian dance stating problems in arithmetic, algebra and geometry; Pythagoras Theorem, and properties of triangles. The ballet is conceived and directed by Jhelum Pranjape, Smitalay

Book Name : Virtual Calculus Tutor (Book and DVD)
Virtual Calculus Tutor is a calculus text that actually teaches maths. The difference between Virtual Calculus Tutor and any other calculus book is that Virtual calculus tutor also presents its materal in the form of sound videos that take the student into a virtual classroom.

Book Name : Flatland the Movie (Personal Edition)
It is an exciting half-hour animated film adapted from Edwin Abbott\'s classicnovel, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. The movie stars the voices of Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Michael York, and Joe Estevez. The DVD includes interviews with the stars of the movie. THIS DVD IS NOT FOR CLASSROOM USE. It is licensed for home and personal use only. Public exhibition, including classroom use is NOT permitted with this version. The educational edition must be purchased for classroom use. This Special Educational version includes a school site license, the complete text of the book and teacher worksheets.

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